Andrés Nocioni came out in defense of ‘Manu’ Ginobili and attacked the former NBA, Gilbert Arenas – La Opinion

Andrés Nocioni came out in defense of ‘Manu’ Ginobili and attacked the former NBA, Gilbert Arenas – La Opinion

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Emanuel ‘Manu’ Ginobili was one of the most iconic players in the entire NBA every time he stepped on the court and he had to face up to do everything necessary to achieve victory for the San Antonio Spurs. The Argentine has received recognition from different highly influential figures in the league; The native of Bahía Blanca and winner of four championships in the best league in the world maintains an indisputable legacy for many, with the exception of the American point guard and former NBA player, Gilbert Arenas, who was in the league for a total of 11 years with four different equipment.

Arenas does not agree with the positive comments towards Ginobili

The former Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards, Orlando Magic and Memphis Grizzlies He made his life in the league at the same time as the Argentine, but seems to have a different point of view than some or many regarding ‘Manu’ Ginobili.

Arenas’ dilemmas regarding what the Argentine was in the NBA have a long history and on several occasions He has spoken in different tones, the last being one that made another former NBA and Argentine ex-NBA explode, Andrés ‘Chapu’ Nocioni, who on this occasion decided to come out in defense of his friend and former teammate on the Argentine national team. .

The war on networks began

“What happened to this idiot? He attacked the Europeans and now he is messing with Manu. You look at the complete package daddy! You were missing a few fruits. Gil!”, Chapu wrote in a story on his official Instagram account in which he quoted the former player to respond to the statement that the NBA triple player account had replicated: “Don’t try to compare me with the damn Manu Ginobili, he was a bench player and was carried by Duncan and Parker,” said this 42-year-old former point guard who also spent time with the Shanghai Sharks of China. The former Chicago Bulls, Sacramento Kings and Philadelphia 76ers musicalized his response with the song “el clown plim plim.”

Arenas, neither short nor lazy, also had an immediate response: “I’m not sure what you’re saying, but I’m sure you agree with me (that I couldn’t hold back for shit) Chapu Nocioni, are you still angry about that winning shot in the playoffs?” Arena ironically said.

The Argentine did everything except put his foot on the brake and answered as follows: “It’s not for me, friend, it’s for Manu and you don’t tie his shoelaces. One more thing, it’s 2024, if you don’t understand, use a translator.” The former Washington pointed out again: “It’s 2024, if I’m the clown you’re the client. Welcome to the greatest show on earth. Come back soon”.

‘Chapu’, who also made his life in European basketball, replied the following: “No, thanks. “I have my own show but without clowns.” And on the other side they followed her: “A show without clowns to entertain is a bit like your career (I’ll tune in when I’m bored).”

Arenas had talked about ‘Manu’ in the past

By 2022, Arenas had questioned the ability of the Argentine guard and even compared him with a colleague. who also played the same position and was a regular 6th man in the league: “It’s hard to convince me that Ginobili is individually better than Jamal Crawford. We’ll look at his resume and say ‘Ginobili has 4 rings.’ Who are you going to take 1v1? ‘I’m going to take Jamal’, since we’re talking about the best player, right? That’s how I evaluate it. Manu was incredible in that structure, but when we talk about individual play, he is not among the 5 best sixth men of all time.”

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