Ángela Aguilar dazzles with a black fringe dress at Premios Platino Xcaret 2024 – El Diario NY

Ángela Aguilar dazzles with a black fringe dress at Premios Platino Xcaret 2024 – El Diario NY

Singer Angela Aguilar She is passionate about fashion and has shown it not only in her daily life, but also in special events in which she shows off spectacular outfits with which she enchants a good part of her followers.

For the Premio Platino 2024, which were held in Xcaret, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter wore a black outfit with shiny fringes, which made her look elegant at the awards ceremony.

Some accounts dedicated to entertainment, such as Hola! magazine México, the interpreter of ‘Ahí Donde Me Ven’ shared images of the artist with this outfit, which generated hundreds of reactions on social networks.

Ángela Aguilar at Platinum Awards 2024
Ángela Aguilar at the 2024 Xcaret Platino Awards
Credit: Mezcalo

Some messages that were read were: “As beautiful as always, my beloved Ángela Aguilar”, “She looked beautiful”, “I like her outfit”, “Elegant, modern and sober”, “Very pretty girl, she always dresses designer “His performances are very beautiful, he sings well, he has everything to be successful.”

But, there were also those who criticized her, since they considered that it did not flatter her figure: “Dress of an older lady”, “You look like a lady”, The dress and she are beautiful, but she looks not very youthful and the photos do nothing for her.

Ángela Aguilar, Mexican singer.
Ángela Aguilar dazzled with her outfit.
Credit: Mezcalo

Ángela Aguilar at the 2024 Xcaret Platino Awards

The young woman gave a statement to La Vibra, in which she indicated that she was happy to be able to live this experience, since she loves cinema and also had the opportunity to see people she admires a lot.

“Here I am happy with life. “This is my first at the awards and I am happy because as you say, I am at home, I am enjoying myself, seeing artists that I admire very much,” she said.

“Who have you been most excited to see and meet here today?” they asked Ángela Aguilar, who answered: “Well, there is a movie, (The Snow Society), that I saw and said ‘yes, live’. The truth is that I loved that movie.”

The famous woman also added a musical touch to the gala with a presentation in which she showed off her voice with a performance of the song ‘Obsesión’, by Javier Solís. She also sang the bolero ‘Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps’. For this show, she wore a red polka dot dress, which gave the singer an incredible presence.

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