Ángela Aguilar reveals her most recent disappointment in love: “My heart has been broken so many times” – El Diario NY

Ángela Aguilar reveals her most recent disappointment in love: “My heart has been broken so many times” – El Diario NY

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Ángela Aguilar recently spoke about her love life and how hard it has been for her so far. For this reason, she did not rule out mentioning a mysterious man with whom things did not work out and he led her to sing “My friends the Flowers”, a song in which she reflects her reality. “The song, I think it’s a very romantic way of looking at disappointment.… I didn’t want that man to have taken away the meaning of the beautiful flowers that I have,” she said on ‘ABC7 Los Angeles’.

Many times I don’t know how to say things, but I do know how to sing them and then in this sense it was about a relationship that I wanted to have with this man and he failed me a lot, but every time he failed me, many flowers, trucks of flowers, arrived at my house,” added Pepe Aguilar’s daughter.

The singer explained that she received support, but she saw that only the plants mattered: “I was talking on the phone with one of my friends and I told her: ‘Well, here I am and this happened’… and she told me: ‘ Angela, you need me to go. I think you need a friend’ and there I answered: ‘Well, don’t worry, here are my flower friends.’”.

“And also this idea of ​​romanticizing youth because at the end of the day, if you watch the video it is almost all shades of green… I see green as youth, as something new that is just learning to love, just learning to be. woman, is just learning to grow. So, in this sense, and in this case, I was very green. “I was learning what this was and that’s why I also wanted to involve the flowers as part of this hidden meaning that I am still very young.”he added to the aforementioned medium.

Ángela Aguilar talks about the origin of flowers

“Practically, that came from a gallant who “He sent me a lot of flowers, but it was only when he did something bad.”revealed to ‘Despierta América’.

Despite having experienced disappointments in love, Ángela is optimistic and confident that at some point she will find the right person. For now, the young artist is focused on continuing to grow professionally and continuing to delight her followers with her talent.

“My heart has been broken so many times… each little part loves different people, that’s why I sing my songs with a lot of feeling. I’m recently single, unfortunately,” he said.

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