Ángela Aguilar wore a daring dress that highlights her voluptuous breasts and legs

Ángela Aguilar wore a daring dress that highlights her voluptuous breasts and legs

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The singer Ángela Aguilar at 19 years old continues to captivate her audience and not only because of the work she does, but also because of the constant content that she uploads to her various social networks. In turn, she a few days ago shared a photo accompanied by Sofía Gillenwho is a very dear friend of hers and who were also celebrating.

For this reason, the youngest of the Aguilar dynasty wore on this occasion a black dress that showed off her pronounced breasts, while being above the kneesthus leaving little to the imagination of his followers on the different platforms, because in a few seconds it went viral.

The expressions did not wait and it is that some users mentioned the following: “You are beautiful, you are charming, I love you”, “What an elegant young lady”, “You always look especially beautiful”, “The prettiest of the night”, “Beautiful”“Shining as always”.

Happy birthday to my baby“, were the words that accompanied the image. Therefore, it is assumed that it would be the birthday celebration of the young woman who keeps her company in the image, while they seem to be posing in front of a mirror in a public place, such as a disco.

For many netizens it was a great surprise to see her dressed like that and, although it was not at all vulgar, for them it was shocking, because she is almost always seen with much more fabric and more serious outfits, especially if they are for her presentations in different cities.

In addition, the interpreter of “Your blood in my body” a few days ago ended up surprising her fans, only this time it has nothing to do with her wardrobe, because it is for a change of look that she has been wearing for a long time. they had been asking.

Through Instagram, an image went viral where you could see that had long hairso Angela would have made the determination to wear extensions for a short time.

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