Angélica María reveals the DISEASE due to which she almost lost her life

Angélica María reveals the DISEASE due to which she almost lost her life


Angelica Maria She is one of the most recognized stars in the world of entertainment in Mexico, as she has worked in various arts such as film, television, theater and music, which is why she has been very loved and admired for several decades, but now she has caused great concern about some revelations he made about his healthsince he suffers from a syndrome from which he was very close to dying.

This was made known by the leading actress in an interview she gave to Yordi Rosado’s program, where she recalled one of the most difficult episodes she suffered and which affected her health, since on two occasions she had breast cancerfrom which she managed to emerge safely and successfully overcome, for which she is deeply grateful.

“I had breast cancer. But boy, God loves me very much. Then he hit me again, I just don’t publish it,” he said.

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But now what he confessed in front of the driver was another disease that she suffered for two decades, of which she never revealed anything until now that she is 79 years old, because she preferred to keep it confidential as it was a very delicate issue for her because of how it affected her, mainly in her body and because of the serious consequences that almost affected her. lead to death.

This is the fatal illness that Angélica María had

The actress broke the silence and he opened up about the terrible illness that he suffered and that he decided to keep hidden, it is about Cushing’s syndrome, which is considered something fatal due to all the symptoms you have and that is produced by cortisone and its side effects.

“I got Cushing’s syndrome, which is also a fatal disease. I was swollen for 20 years, I was a horrible thing, a toad (…) They gave me a lot of cortisone and I got Cushing’s syndrome, I almost died. But no, I’m stubborn and here I am still, another while,” she said.

It should be noted that this disease occurs due to high levels of cortisol and it is the hormone that helps regulate metabolism, stress and other body functions. Among the symptoms that usually occur due to Cushing’s syndrome are weight gain, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, fatigue, thin skin, among others.


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