Anitta dazzles with her dances and performance at the Emblema festival – El Diario NY

Anitta dazzles with her dances and performance at the Emblema festival – El Diario NY


Singer Anitta gave a lecture on how to dance in Brazil on the second day of the Emblema Festival, with hip movements that they did not leave anyone indifferent and that caused screams from the audience.

“Grip” and “Double Team” turned the main stage of the massive event into a dance floor, where people did not hesitate to dance even among strangers and forgave him for starting 10 minutes late.

“What a happiness to be here with you, with these beautiful people from Mexico, I am in love with all of you. There are people from Brazil there too,” shared the 31-year-old singer.

“Mil Veces”, “Sabana”, “Lose Ya Breath”, “Cria de Fabela” and “Puta Cara” kept spirits high.

People enjoyed the sensual movements of the “Machika” and “La Loto” singer, but Anitta was still saving one of her best steps for “Wrap”when he went to the stage floor and danced.

“Bellakitha”, “Downtown”, “Me Gusta” and “Sua Cara” were not missing, nor was “Bellakeo”, which he originally sings with Peso Pluma.

At some point he came off the stage to greet his fans and spoiled them with photos.

Their bet was “Movimento da Sanfoninha”, where each of their male and female dancers stood in a line and gave their all on the floor.

“Rave de Favela”, “Bola Rebola”, continued their successes and ended with “Girls Don’t Cry”.

At the beginning of her show, the artist made reference to her country and screened the video clip for “Aceita,” which recently caused controversy because it shows some rituals One of the religions she practices, Santeria, even lost 200,000 followers, something she called “religious racism.”

He started with a shirt that said “Haters love me” and then he wore a team shirt, which ended up in the hands of some lucky guy in the audience.

During the second and last day of the Emblema festival, in which Lali and Sigrid also performed, people took advantage of the synthetic grass to recharge their batteries. Despite the forecast of rain and wind, and with 27 degrees, they opted for cool ones, with transparencies, shorts, dresses, skirts and tops.

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