Anitta responds to criticism and loss of followers for showing Santeria ritual in a video – El Diario NY

Anitta responds to criticism and loss of followers for showing Santeria ritual in a video – El Diario NY

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It was last Tuesday when Anitta premiered a new music video called ‘Aceita’, a fact that has undoubtedly generated a stir because of what she wanted to capture this time, since many of her followers were struck by having to see her dressed in white, candles, necklaces and snails, so it’s Santeria. Additionally, she has been heavily criticized and talked about the number of people who unfollowed her.

The singer of Brazilian origin took the opportunity to highlight the impressive number of fans she lost for her new song: “Yesterday when I announced the release of this clip I lost more than 200 thousand followers in less than 2 hours. I have talked about my religion countless times, but it seems that leaving a work of art forever in my catalog was too much for those who do not ACCEPT that the other person thinks differently.

“When I receive messages of rejection and religious intolerance, I do not feel divine energy emanating towards me, I feel the opposite energy. I have faith, I am not afraid. Images of various types of beliefs appear in my new music video. I have a deep passion for different manifestations of faith, different ways of connecting with the spirit. In none of them do I feel that when we die we will be punished and judged, I feel that we are going to wherever is vibrating at the same frequency as my spirit. And here, in this life, my commitment to myself is to vibrate at the highest frequency of light that I can,” he continued in an Instagram post.

Many fans supported Anitta and praised her bravery in representing her belief in her music. However, also There were those who accused her of appropriation and even of disrespecting the Yoruba religion.

“I don’t want to punish or judge any of the people who are attacking me right now for exposing my religion. I want them to follow the path of evolution. Each one in its time. If we continue to demand that others think the same as you, if we continue to be intolerant, if we do not learn to renounce one thing or another in the name of peace, finding a middle ground, our world will end up in war, killing each other to be right at the end of the argument. You may even forget how the argument started. It’s just a fight to fight“added the 31-year-old singer.

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