Announces “Insomnia” María León to her fans and they love it

Announces “Insomnia” María León to her fans and they love it

Maria Leon announces

María León announces “Insomnia” to her fans and they love it | instagram

The singer María León does not stop surprising her fans, which is why she premiered her new single “Insomnio”, a very romantic song, with a very happy rhythm, which makes you want to get up and tell that person you love what you feel. for her.

But that would not be all! Since the ex-vocalist of the band limbo beachalso released a music video, where he was extremely close to another mysterious boy, who here we tell you is truly attractive, having scenes that definitely turned on social networks.

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But it would only be a clip for the song, Maria Leon In the month of April, he released his most recent studio album, which is “Alchemy“, a musical project that includes eleven singles, for which he impressed his followers with the premiere of “Insomnia”.

Currently, the video on the YouTube platform has almost half a million views, in the comments section, the vast majority are positive reviews in general, praising the passion that the singer overflows in each project in which she is a participant.


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