Another controversy from Temach: he “baptizes” his followers as “alpha males”

Another controversy from Temach: he “baptizes” his followers as “alpha males”

The influencer Luis Castillejabetter known as “The Temach“, is entangled in a new controversy after some videos were spread on social networks in which “baptizes” his followers.

In the videos you can see the influencer giving a message to his fans at an outdoor meeting held in November 2023, where it is estimated that there were more than 100 people, some of whom they received a necklace that the content creator placed around their necks.

Some images allowed us to see that The necklace has the initials of El Temachso on social networks they described this action as a “baptism” or an initiation as “alpha males.”

In the speech before followers received their necklace, the influencer said with a megaphone that his fans who didn’t have a girlfriend was because “women don’t deserve them.” Immediately afterwards, the young people applauded and hailed the content creator.

Why do they say on networks that El Temach is creating a sect?

Something that alarmed social media users, in addition to the apparent “baptism”, was that a photograph of a young man with blood on his chest and neck was circulated, uploaded from an account called “Mini Temach”, where it reads “with each blow I get stronger.”

This whole situation caused dozens of comments to be made on social networks that compared what the influencer did with his followers with a sect.

“A man of almost 40 years old taking advantage of young men as young as 16, emotionally vulnerable and insecure about their own masculinity. Exposing them to physical violence for the validation of other men” was one of the comments made on social networks such as X.

The Temach He has not responded directly to the accusations about a possible “sect” of followers, but he did say the following on his X account: Why would they be so scared to see a group of men playing sports and discussing their problems?

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This is not the first time The Temach becomes a trend due to his actions, since the content creator has been controversial, especially due to his comments that on social networks have been described as sexists and misogynists.

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