Anuel AA and Yailin La Más Viral give each other kisses, messages, roses and even giant teddy bears Goodbye Karol G!

Anuel AA is no longer in love with Karol G and tells her: "Mine" to Yailin The Most Viral.

Anuel AA is no longer in love with Karol G and says: “Mine” to Yailin La Más Viral.

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No doubt, Anuel AA and Yailin The Most Viral are a couple. After weeks of rumours, tell me and tell Karol G’s ex finally said goodbye to spite that he carried for the Colombian reggaeton. Not only they were seen giving each other romantic kisses but also exchanged messages on social networks. In addition, the Dominican trap singer was in the hospital recovering from surgery and suddenly, received hundreds of red roses and giant teddy bears.

“Speechless thank you for making me so happy in such a short time EMMAAA”; wrote Yailin The Most Viral on his Instagram account while showing the roses and the giant teddy bears Karol G’s ex, Anuel AA, sent him to the hospital center. The message from the Dominican indicates that the couple has not been in love for a long time, so perhaps this girl is not the cause of the separation of Anuel AA Y Carol G. Let us remember that the theory of a possible infidelity on the part of the Puerto Rican singer has always been handled. In addition to the hints that Karol G has launched in several of her concerts.

Faced with this loving response from Yailin The Most Viral, Anuel AA He replied: “@yailinlamasviralreal Mine!!!!!!! more mine than yours”, a message that was accompanied with “emojis” of roses, hearts and devil faces. If there is something that the couple has stopped seeing, it is how fiery it is. In fact, They caught them kissing in what appeared to be a public place.

The good news is that between Anuel AA and Karol G the rough edges were smoothed out, as they decided to forgive each other and give themselves a chance as friends. This was sealed the day that Anuel AA appeared at the concert that Karol G gave at El Coliseo de Puerto Rico during his Bichota Tour.

For its part, Carol G, has not given signs of a possible romance and stated in recent days that he is already preparing his second album. In addition, the reggaeton artist will sing at Coachella 2022. Her tour last year was one of the most important in 2021 and received more than 30 awards from the music industry. A few days ago, the singer walked with her best friend, Daiky Gamboa, during a Los Lakers basketball game in the city of Los Angeles.

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