Anuel AA modifies the tattoo on his back that showed his face and that of his ex Karol G

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In the past week Anuel AA He Got Engaged To His New Girlfriend Yailin And Now He Wants To Leave His Ex Behind Forever Carol G, who a few months ago was still crying out for him to give him another chance during his concerts.

The singer has covered the gigantic tattoo he had on his back with his face and Karol鈥檚, which recreated a photograph in which the two appear wearing sunglasses and sticking out their tongues for the camera. At the moment he has not shown the final result, but in the videos of the process that he shared in his stories of Instagram you can see the template of the design, which includes some large wings.

Taking advantage of the fact that the tattoo artist was at home, Anuel has also recorded one of his favorite characters from the series 鈥淒ragon Ball Z鈥 in the arm. It remains to be seen what he decides to do with the tattoo of Karol鈥檚 name that he still has on his hand.

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