Anuel AA suffered a spectacular fall on stage in full concert

Anuel AA suffered a spectacular fall on stage in full concert

Anuel AA was once again a trend on social networks. This after the ragpicker suffered a spectacular fall on stage during the concert he offered in Mexico City, the program “El Gordo y la Flaca” reported.

The show took place last Sunday night and, as expected, the video of the incident quickly went viral.

In the clip that the account of the aforementioned program shared, the Puerto Rican is observed performing one of his songs, when he seems to take a false step and slip on the stage, immediately falling to the floor.

“I fell”, were the words that Anuel released, while he adjusted his stockings and checked that everything was in order.

The vocalist managed to handle the situation and knew how to recover quickly, even going unnoticed by those who at that time did not have their eye on the action. However, it was he himself who highlighted the fact, stopping the beat a bit and acknowledging through his microphone what had just happened.

Users of different social networks not only shared the video in which Anuel is seen rolling on the floor, but also regretted what happened, even comparing the event with the episode that Karol G also experienced during his concert in this same city.

The episode also occurs when the singer has been in the news in recent days. The artist announced days ago that he will be a father for the second time, the result of the relationship he has with the Dominican, Yailin “The most viral. He also boasted of the reunion with his family a few days before celebrating his birthday.

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