Aracely Arámbula poses in lace lingerie by candlelight and shows her attributes at 47 years of age

Aracely Arámbula poses in lace lingerie by candlelight and shows her attributes at 47 years of age

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The actress Aracely Arámbula at 47 years old is a living example of how well a person can be physically preserved at that age. For this reason, she made the determination to leave her evidence on her personal Instagram account, where more than one of her was perplexed by her latest content.

The Mexican on this occasion wanted to pose as if it were from privacy, because the lights were off. Nevertheless, decided that the candles were the ones that accompanied it, as well as the most striking thing ended up being her outfit.

Luis Miguel’s ex stood in front of a mirror and with a mischievous look, burgundy lace bra and thonglet the moment be captured by the lens of a professional. Without a doubt, his toned abdomen has been one of the things that attracts the most attention.

In turn, the actress received more than a thousand comments after showing himself in such a sensual way on their social networks. For this reason, this large number of people took a few seconds to dedicate a few words to her for her most recent publication, while several of them consider her a “Goddess”.

However, various users of the platform did not question naming the father of their children, it is the singer Luis Miguel. In turn, several expressed that it was time for them to forgive each other and then return as a couple and thus continue building a family together.

“How beautiful you are, I send you a kiss with all my love, Goddess”, “Mamacita”, “I love you friend”, “Aphrodite is that you?”, “What Luis Miguel missed”, “Spectacular”, “I will no longer eat chocolates”, “Piece of my soul”, “How beautiful”, “La Doña of our lives“”, “Why are you so beautiful?”, “Why look at the stars if I can get lost in your beautiful eyes”, “Monument of a woman”, “Great body”, “My beautiful queen”, “I love you nalgastra, for you I I want life”, “Every day better”, “What Luis Miguel never knew how to eat well”, “Luis Miguel returns to her, forgive him”, were some of the expressions that were recorded in the post.

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