Aracely Arámbula shows off her body while dancing in a tight-fitting dress full of transparencies

Aracely Arámbula shows off her body while dancing in a tight-fitting dress full of transparencies

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The actress Aracely Arámbula through her social networks always shares a bit of her personal life to keep her followers up to date on the various social networks she has. At the same time, many end up captive with all the content they upload and sometimes ends up being a bit daring.

On this occasion, she surprised her more than six million Internet users who remain active to everything she shares on her Instagram profile, it was there that many were delighted to see her she danced in a rather sensual way.

However, the most striking thing was not exactly seeing her take some steps, quite the contrary, the singer, also perplexed many by the type of clothing she was wearing and, it was a black outfit full of transparencies that revealed her breasts as well as its pronounced rear guard stood out.

The protagonist of ‘La Madrastra’ left little to the imagination of her fans and, this time, they He wanted to show that he knows how to do other things away from the small screena fact for which she has been recognized in countless countries for her work in various Mexican soap operas.

However, it would not be the first time that he has made a publication of this type because in previous days Luis Miguel’s ex-partner posed in front of the mirror in lingerie, while in the middle of the darkness there was a little lighting with some candles that were in the place.

“Goddess”, “Mamacita”, “How beautiful you are, I send you a kiss with all my love”, “My God, I love you friend”, “Piece of my soul”, “Aphrodite is that you?”, “Monument of a woman”, “Ay LuisMi“, “Of what Luis Miguel was lost”, “Very beautiful baby”, “La cuerpa”, “Doña bella”, “Cuerpazo”, “La doña de nuestras vidas”, “La doña hermosa”, “Guapa”, “Spectacular”, “For you I want life”, “What a tremendous woman”, “What Luis Miguel never knew how to eat well”, “Luis Miguel returns with her”, were some of the comments that were registered in the mentioned post.

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