Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reconciling?  They reveal how the actor helped his wife in “Atlas”-El Diario NY

Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reconciling? They reveal how the actor helped his wife in “Atlas”-El Diario NY

The relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleckwhich has become the protagonist of a large number of rumors regarding a possible ending, could take a different path thanks to the recent revelation that has brought to light the mutual support that exists in the couple.

The interpreter of “On The Floor“On May 24, he premiered his new film with the streaming platform”Atlas”, in which she plays data analyst Atlas Shepherd, enemy of Artificial Intelligence, who joins a mission to capture a regenerated robot named Harlan, played by the actor Simu Liu.

In said tape, Lopez has to carry out this task with the help of another AI, called Smith, which has the voice of the actor Gregory James Cohanwho, according to López’s co-star, Sterling K. Brownwas replaced by Ben Affleck during filming downtime in order to help his wife in the development of her role.

From time to time, Ben read Smith’s lines to him. And I think that the newly hunted, still very much in love, I think she just wanted to hear her voice (…) And then, sometimes, the reactions she received from her were because she was hearing the voice of her husband.

Sterling K. Brown


Although the exact date on which it was filmed was not revealed.Atlas“, the statements of Brown They confirm that this could have been recorded a few months after the wedding between Affleck and Lopezwhich took place in August 2022.

Is there still love between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez?

In addition to the declaration of BrownDirector of “Atlas”, Brad Peytonmade a statement that could become the solution to the current conflict they are experiencing Affleck and Lopez.

(Atlas) It is a reminder of how we must have deep and meaningful relationships in our lives, in some way, shape, or form. You can’t do it all yourself; you have to choose to trust people at a certain time and let them in.”

Brad Peyton

Jennifer Lopez posing.

Despite the recent declaration of Brownwhich makes clear the support that Affleck has given his still wife in his career, something that can also be seen and heard thanks to the documentary “The Greatest Story Never Told”, where it is mentioned that Affleck was a fundamental piece and constant support for Jennifer in the development of the singer’s new album, “This Is Me…Now”, the couple’s situation remains in suspense.

Currently, and after the series of evidence, such as the absence of ben in the presentation of “Atlas” at various events, it has been mentioned that the actor who won the Oscar by “Argo“he would have left the house he shared with Lopez.

Regarding the reason for this event, it has been mentioned that Affleck he had “tired” of the control of Jennifer in addition to being against their relationship being reflected on social networks.

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