Argentina, without Messi, thrashes Bolivia at the height of La Paz and completes a perfect score with a clean sheet

Argentina, without Messi, thrashes Bolivia at the height of La Paz and completes a perfect score with a clean sheet

Argentina celebrates Enzo Fernández's goal against Bolivia.

Argentina celebrates Enzo Fernández’s goal against Bolivia.

Photo: Luis Gandarillas / EFE

The Argentine National Team easily won 3-0 on the heights of La Paz against a Bolivia without resources and that was handcuffed by a team that today did not have Messi, but he knew how to get his second victory in two appearances at this start of the South American Qualifiers. It should be noted that the captain’s armband today was worn by Ángel Di María who held a match to frame and thus adding another epic performance in his history.

Ángel Di María played a great game against Bolivia in La Paz (Photo: EFE/ Luis Gandarillas)

Argentina’s goals

In the 31st minute, “Gardelito”, as Enzo Fernández, Chelsea’s star footballer, is known, was in charge of scoring the first score. for the Argentinians who would break the Bolivian defense from there and end up dominating the match at will.

Nicolás Tagliafico headed in a Di María cross to seal the 2-0 lead.before the first 45 minutes of play ended. It should be noted that in the 36th minute, the Uruguayan referee Esteban Ostojich showed the second yellow card to Roberto Carlos Fernández, who had already been cautioned in the 14th minute.

A defensive error by La Verde would allow Nico González to seal the definitive victory for Argentina in the 83rd minute, with only seven remaining. With a score of 3-0, the world champions continue their path towards 2026 and were able to resolve without their star Lionel Messi.

For Ángel Di María today, Argentina played a perfect match

The experienced Benfica player, Ángel Di María, today captain of the Argentine national team, assured that today was a perfect match for the Argentines. “We played a perfect game, we didn’t make mistakes, we worked as we had to, as we had prepared, and we converted when we had to convert.“.

Lionel Messi watching Argentina’s victory over Bolivia from the bench (Photo: EFE/ Luis Gandarillas)

On Messi’s absence in the gameDi María pointed out that the American Inter Miami star ““He tried to be (in the game) until the last day,” but he had some discomfort so it was better “not to risk“. In addition, “El Fideo” assured that he felt very proud to use the captain’s badge today for the current world champions.

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