Argument between women in Georgia ended in a shooting in a tourist area that left 11 injured – La Opinion

Argument between women in Georgia ended in a shooting in a tourist area that left 11 injured – La Opinion

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Authorities reported that 11 people were injured Saturday night after two women got into an argument that resulted in a shooting in a busy tourist area of ​​Savannah, Georgia.

The argument between the women began at an unnamed establishment, before spreading to Ellis Square in Savannah’s historic district just before midnight, Police Chief Lenny Gunther said during a news conference.

“A gunshot was heard, prompting others to fire. We had several individuals discharge their weapons to shoot each other, which resulted in several people being shot,” Gunther said.

10 of the 11 injured people were hit by gunfireaccording to authorities, who did not specify what caused the injury to the eleventh victim. Some of the injured were treated at the scene and others were taken to hospital. They are all expected to recover.

The ages of the victims range between 20 and 38 years old.

Police do not believe the shooting is gang-related, according to local television station WTOC, which added that The incident at Ellis Square was one of five shootings in the city over the weekend. Two of these events were fatal.

The first two shootings of the weekend in Savannah occurred on Friday. Each resulted in a non-life-threatening injury and an arrest.

On Saturday, police responding to a call about a home invasion found a juvenile dead in the home. Initial reports indicate shots were fired after a resident was confronted by an armed intruder.

That same day at night, another shooting was reported at a Savannah intersection that left one man dead and a minor injured.

Mayor Van Johnson said reasonable gun control laws are needed because its proliferation is the main factor in the increase in shootings.

Johnson also emphasized the need for gun owners to prevent their guns from being stolen and for people who carry guns to know how and when to use them.

“We have to insist on smart gun laws. And then, at the other end, we have to insist that people act responsibly with those weapons,” Johnson said at a news conference on Sunday.

The shooting occurred a week before Memorial Day weekend, which is heavily touristed. Gunther assured people that police personnel will be sufficient to keep the public safe.

Ellis Square is located in Savannah’s historic district, an area popular with tourists and locals. It was developed in 2010 and is known for a large fountain and a life-size statue of composer Johnny Mercer.

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