Arizona father found guilty of letting his 6-year-old son starve to death – La Opinion

Arizona father found guilty of letting his 6-year-old son starve to death – La Opinion

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An Arizona jury on Thursday convicted a father who starved his 6-year-old son to death, and forced the minor and his older brother to sit in a small closet 16 hours a day for more than a month, as punishment for stealing. meal.

The victim, Deshaun Martinezweighed 18 pounds when he died in March 2020 in Flagstaff, about two hours north of Phoenix. His father, Anthony José Martínez28, was found guilty of first-degree murder, child abuse and kidnapping resulting in death, among other charges.

According to the Arizona Daily Sun, prosecutors said during closing arguments that the boy’s mother, Elizabeth Archibequehe knew his children were in bad shape, but he did nothing about it.

Prosecutors showed photographs of Martinez purchasing food, showing there was an adequate amount of food in the house. They also noted that the two youngest children in the home, then ages 2 and 4, weighed 24 and 38 pounds and were treated like normal children.

Elizabeth pleaded guilty last year to first-degree murder and kidnapping. A judge sentenced her to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The minor’s grandmother also faces charges

In March 2020, Deshaun’s small lifeless body was discovered at the Martinez residence. An autopsy performed by the Coconino County Medical Examiner’s Office revealed that the child died of starvation, Phoenix-based CBS affiliate KPHO reports. The autopsy showed that The boy had a “skeletal appearance” because he had almost no fat on his body.

According to CDC data, a typical, healthy weight for a 6-year-old child in the United States would be notably over 18 pounds. Deshaun’s body was also covered in cuts and scrapes.

His grandmother, Ann Marie Martinez, 54, also faces charges of murder and child abuse and is scheduled to go to trial in August.

Initially, the boy’s parents allegedly told the Flagstaff Police Department that Deshaun’s extremely low weight was due to a chronic medical condition since he had ingested caffeine or weight-loss pills, The Associated Press reported.

However, over time, researchers were able to discover an extreme punishment regime that had been in force in the Martínez house.

They only had breakfast and ate oatmeal and bread.

The boy’s parents later admitted that they kept Deshaun, as well as his older brother, locked in a closet for about 16 hours a day and gave them very little to eat, police said.

Anthony Martínez told authorities that the children only ate breakfast and ate oatmeal and bread, the Arizona Daily Sun reported. The man too admitted that he sat by the closet while playing video games to make sure the kids didn’t get out.

That method of “discipline” had been in place for “about a month,” and was imposed to punish children for sneaking out of their beds at night and eating.

The older brother, then 7 years old, was malnourished and was admitted to Flagstaff Medical Center. Doctors were able to regain his weight after a week-long stay in the hospital.

That child, along with his younger siblings, are now in the custody of the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

Martínez will be sentenced next month and could face a life sentence.

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