Armored Core VI: The Japanese react to the difficulty used by the Westerners

Armored Core VI: The Japanese react to the difficulty used by the Westerners

After the success of Dark Souls, sekiro and Elden Ringthe study FromSoftware decided to go back to its origins with its most recent release: Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, the newest installment in its classic mecha franchise. You can tell they learned a lot from their action RPGs, since Fires of Rubicon it turned out to be quite challenging for many players, with the first boss being one of the main sources of frustration. This was to be expected from FromSoftware, but there are many people who do not want to play something so difficult. So the modders have already started working on lowering the difficulty of the game. And the Japanese fans were quick to react to this news.

Armored Core VI Difficulty: Orient vs. West

Armored Core Vi First Boss

The user xylozi uploaded this mod to the site NexusModswhich alters some features of the PC version of Armored Core VI and they help make the experience much easier. These changes include: Reduce the Energy Charge of equipment by 50%, reduce the weight of equipment by 50%, increase the monetary reward of arena missions to 200% of the base value, increase the optimal and effective range of weapons to 300 % of base value (Which reduces the amount of bounce and affects enemy mechs) among many others. All of these changes will make life easier for players who decide to download the mod.

But of course, there are many people who do not agree with the creation and use of mods like these in a game as challenging as Armored Core VI. Especially in Japan where there is a common belief that people in the West are much worse at video games. The responses from Japanese fans about this mod have been quite divisive. On the one hand, some have no problem with it, with comments like: “As long as they don’t use it in versus, just in private, why not?”either “I’m here to show my envy that I can’t do this on PS5”.

Armored Core Vi Mecha

However, there are also many Japanese who are fervently against these Easy Ways.. Many accuse westerners of cheating and just wanting to finish Armored Core VI quickly to move on to the next game in your catalog. Some of the strongest comments are: “Weak Players”, “Aren’t you ashamed that you can’t win the game without cheating?” either «The Gaijin do not have that spirit of Armored Core». Clearly, Gaijin being the derogatory way some Japanese refer to foreigners.

But this is just a generalization, as there are many people from the West who share this opinion and who do not want to use any mods that alter the difficulty of the game. In fact, some players on this side of the world seek to make Armored Core VI be even more challenging on purpose, like American YouTuber zerolenny, who imposed a self-imposed restriction on playing an unarmed mecha that can only attack using its fists, something that is incredibly difficult to achieve in this game. The fan base has responded to this video with surprise and admiration.

Armored Core Saw Cuffs

The growing debate about the difficulty in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon It’s been pretty controversial all over the internet. Many people compare this game with the saga Dark Souls, especially those who can’t beat the infamous first boss. But many other players say that the title itself is not that difficult, but that it is important to take advantage of the deep customization to create a mecha suitable for you and the way you play. What do you think? Is it okay for Armored Core players to use mods that lower the difficulty of the game?

Armored Core Vi Fires Of Rubicon Poster

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