Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals that he had a pacemaker inserted after three open heart surgeries – El Diario NY

Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals that he had a pacemaker inserted after three open heart surgeries – El Diario NY


In his podcast ‘Arnold’s Pump Club’, the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger He revealed that he had a pacemaker inserted last week; after you’ve been open heart surgery three timesyears ago, due to a heart defect from birth.

“I have to clarify that just saying this to all of you goes against a large part of my upbringing in Austria, where no one, ever no one, talked about medical issues. Everything related to health care is kept to yourself.”

“But I have received many messages and emails from people who were born with a bicuspid aortic valve (heart problem), like me, telling me that talking about my valve replacement surgeries has given them courage and hope to face yours“, he indicated.

Schwarzenegger, 76, also asserted that he now has a “machine part,” jokingly referencing his iconic T-800 character in the “Terminator” saga.

The actor admitted that he did not expect this reaction from people to something that seemed so unfamiliar to him, but he stressed that he felt good knowing that he inspired people to have a better quality of life.

“And well, now I know that going against my secretive instinct and being transparent helps people, what choice do I have?” he shared.

Arnold confirmed enjoying a good health and proper recoveryand went into a little more detail about his heart health in recent years.

“No one would have ever thought that I started the week with surgery. I want to thank my entire team at the Cleveland Clinic. All the doctors and nurses took wonderful care of me and made the surgery smooth. as least painful as possible.

“Some scars from my previous surgery had caused my heartbeat to be irregular. It had been like this for a few years, so I kept in touch with the doctors and visited them in person at least once a year for a checkup.”

Schwarzenegger explained that when he was a child his mother refused to have valve replacement surgery performed, since the only way to do it was through a risky open-heart procedure.

However, the businessman also clarified that, thanks to medical advances, there are now other less invasive alternatives to treat the same problem.

“Today, they are replacing the valves with non-invasive procedures that allow you to return home the same day. I had my valves replaced for the first time in 1997, which required open heart surgery.

“I was told that both valves would last between 12 and 15 years. Dr. Starnes did a wonderful job and they lasted 21 years, so when I went for the replacement, in 2018, the non-invasive option was already available,” he said.

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