Assam Science and Technology University

Assam Science and Technology University (ASTU)

Assam Science and Technology University (ASTU) is a private university located in Jalukbari, Guwahati, Assam, India. It was launched in 2010 by the Assam Government under the Assam Science and Technology University Act 2009. This university offers quality education and research facilities to students from India and abroad. This university also forms an affiliate of IIT JEE.

Assam Science and Technology University, astu

About Assam Science and Technology University

The main campus of the university is in Guwahati. It offers various bachelor鈥檚 degrees, master鈥檚 degrees and PhD programs to the students who want to pursue their higher studies in science and technology. Some of the courses offered are Biotechnology, Computer and Information Systems, Energy, Environment, humanities, engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, software engineering, microbiology, pharmacology, physics, communications and computer science.

The university also offers certificate and diploma programs in many subjects such as business, criminal justice, health, humanities, social sciences and sociology.

To study at the Assam Science and Technology University, you need to complete the eligibility criteria. To qualify for the program, you must be a citizen of India and hold a bachelor鈥檚 degree or higher. Holding an equivalent qualification is acceptable. Students who have completed their graduation from high schools and colleges also can apply for the program.

Students looking forward to pursuing a specialization in nanotechnology, electronics, biomedical science, chemical, pharmaceutical engineering, electrical and optical technologies, and computing may also participate in the program.

To study at Assam University, you need to full fill specific criteria set forth by the authorities concerned. The first criteria are that the student should have attained the minimum age for enrollment. There is no age limit on registration, but the admission starts as early as possible after completing primary school education. Eligibility is granted based on the first years of study, and there is no scope for preference.

Admission to the university is not limited to students coming from the Indian community alone. There are separate departments for students belonging to other countries too. Candidates applying for the courses having special qualifications, whether they are associate degrees diplomas or pass marks from abroad, will get admission to these departments.

Specific procedures are to be followed by the candidates before qualifying for the degree. Candidates may be required to clear the online qualifying examination. It is essential to note that in case of failure in preparing for the test, the candidate鈥檚 candidature does not get accepted and the chances of advancement are nullified.

Assam Science and Technology University, astu

After the online application has been submitted and the necessary test scores, the results are read, and the results announced within a short period of time. The announcement also mentions the procedure to be followed for admission to the college. Access to the college is done based on merit. Students can proceed with the admission process after clearing the preliminary qualifying examination.

Eligibility is determined based on the declaration of the candidate. Candidates who belong to the group of eligible candidates can proceed with the selection criteria determination without obtaining the registrar鈥檚 consent. The declared candidates have to full fill the minimum eligibility standards set by the institution.

The course duration and the number of years for which one has to complete the course play an important role in deciding the selection criteria. If the chosen courses are less than the duration for which one needs to complete the course is lesser.

The other basic eligibility standards are clearing the initial interview conducted by the admission panel and being a graduate of an appropriate degree. Engineering, architecture, chemistry and physics are some of the disciplines that are common in the engineering stream.

Other professions that can be opted to full fill the eligibility are biology, chemistry, electrical and computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering and materials science. Computer science, electrical and optical technology, health, human resource, marketing, and commerce are every days in the allied stream of studies.

Assam Science and Technology University Admission Process

Assam Science and Technology University, astu
Assam Science and Technology University

It is one of the four institutions affiliated with the Asian Humanities University. The other three institutions are 鈥 Oriental College, Oriental University and Damanhour University. The university offers Bachelor鈥檚 degrees in several disciplines such as business, arts, health, engineering, humanities and education. In addition to these, it offers master鈥檚 degrees, doctorates and doctoral degrees.

There is no tuition fee as far as the courses are concerned. Students studying at Assam Science and Technology University have to take an entrance exam for admission. The university also has merit-based scholarship programs. Apart from this, there are many other schemes and aids from India鈥檚 Government that help students financially for higher education.

Full-time course duration of two years is required to enrol for the courses. Students can apply for admission to any of the six central departments of Assam University. They include Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Health and Medical, Information Technology and Quantitative Analysis. Other departments that are quite popular among the applicants studying at Assam university are Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Occupational Health and Safety.

To complete a course, a candidate might need to pass the Assam science entrance exam. This is usually held once a year. The exam format is usually a multiple-choice examination and typically takes around three hours to complete. If you want to be placed in the first batch, you will need to score a good percentile in the subject you have chosen.

Before you start the course, you will be asked to answer several questions related to the specific subject. After answering the questions, you can look up the results on the university website. For instance, if you have cleared all the problems in the first attempt, then your percentile for that subject can be used for deciding the format of your admission test. Other than this, candidates must qualify through one or more merit courses that the university offers.

The length of admission is one of the most important criteria that the university uses for deciding on entry. There are two types of size; full time and part-time. Full time means you attend the university for an entire academic year while part-time does not exceed a year. In the event, you complete a whole year of coursework from one institution and choose to do the same from another Assam Science and Technology University. You can opt for the full-time option. Some candidates take an equal number of years in either the full or part-time format.

After clearing the necessary entrance examination, you will be asked to write an essay on your chosen topic. The essay you write should be between 400 and 500 words long. You will be required to read a series of literature and get knowledge about a certain aspect of the engineering field. Candidates who successfully pass the exam will be provided with a student ID and password after completing the Assam university admissions process.

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