At 50, Jared Leto doesn’t want to share the secret that makes him look like he’s 30

Jared Leto.

Jared Leto.

Photo: Pablo Cuadra / Getty Images

every season Jared Leto returns to grab headlines, usually coinciding with one of his birthdays, for being something like the male version of Jennifer Lopezthat is, someone who does not age. Though it鈥檚 hard to believe last December it reached half a century of life and, for the moment, the passage of time continues without making a dent.

The winning actor Oscar You can date the beginning of the widespread obsession with your physical appearance: ten years ago, when you entered your 40s and the rest of the world suddenly realized that you still looked like a twenty-something. Since then, she has been constantly asked what her beauty secrets are.but he refuses to repeat the same clich茅s as other celebrities about healthy living and the importance of wearing sunscreen.

鈥淪ay the following: that every morning I drink three liters of salt water. And so everyone will start doing itwhich sadly will only get them done in his pants,鈥 the singer-actor joked in a new interview with the magazine. Men鈥檚 Health. 鈥淚 do have a good answer, but most likely I won鈥檛 tell you. Just so everyone keeps wondering the same thing. Actually, in the end it doesn鈥檛 matter in the least.鈥

The most the gang leader is willing to share Thirty Seconds to Mars the thing is inherited privileged genetics from his motherwho could also pass for a woman several decades younger than she really is, but knows that鈥檚 not what others want to hear her say. 鈥淎s you get older, people start to say, 鈥極h, you鈥檙e still too young.鈥 And eventually you get to an age where they start to say, 鈥楻eally?鈥欌 she commented.

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