At least 47 people protesting the conflict in Gaza were arrested at Yale University – La Opinión

At least 47 people protesting the conflict in Gaza were arrested at Yale University – La Opinión


At least 47 people, including several students, were arrested this Monday morning at the prestigious American university of Yale (Connecticut)where they had been camping for several days in protest against the war in Gaza and to demand information from the center about its investments in the arms industry.

A spokesperson for the university informed EFE that the center made the decision to arrest those people who did not leave the square “taking into account the safety of the entire Yale community and to allow access to the university facilities” to all members. the student community.

The Yale Police Department issued citations in total to 47 people, including Yale undergraduates, graduates and professionals, or people unaffiliated with the center.

The students, the spokesperson said, will be referred to Yale for “disciplinary measures, including a variety of sanctions, such as reprimand, probation or suspension.”

Before taking this step, the spokesperson explained, the university had notified protesters on numerous occasions that if they continued to violate Yale policies and instructions regarding the occupation of outdoor spaces, they could face police and disciplinary action.

The arrests came after members of the Yale Police Department isolated the area and asked protesters to show identification. Some left voluntarily but others remained at the scene and were detained.

“Yale provides detailed guidance on free speech, peaceful assembly, and requesting the use of outdoor spaces on campus. Since the protest began, the university and the Yale Police Department have worked to reduce the likelihood of confrontations and arrests,” the spokesperson notes.

Yale Police Chief Anthony Campbell told the Yale Daily News – the nation’s oldest university newspaper, which has been financially and editorially independent since its founding in 1878 – that Those arrested were charged with breaking and entering.after being asked on several occasions to vacate the area.

According to the newspaper On Sunday night, for the third consecutive time, more than 250 protesters set up a camp in Beinecke Plaza, with about forty tents.

Pro-Palestinian protesters call on Yale to disclose and divest its involvement in military weapons manufacturing.

University President Peter Salovey sent an email to the Yale community on Sunday and warned that disciplinary action would be taken in accordance with the school’s policies.

Tensions at many American universities have increased in recent weeks, as controversy grows over freedom of expression in educational centers.

At Columbia University in New York, a hundred students calling for an end to the war in Gaza were arrested last week and many of them were suspended indefinitely.

This Monday he announced that classes will be taught remotely, on the day the Jewish Passover is celebrated, due to safety concerns for some Jewish students.

Academic authorities at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brown University (Rhode Island), and New York University took similarly punitive measures against students involved in protests.

At the end of March, Vanderbilt University (Tennessee) suspended fifteen students and expelled three others, who occupied the rector’s office for several hours.

Last week, the University of Southern California suspended Muslim student Asna Tabassum’s commencement speech due to tensions between students and faculty linked to the war in Gaza.

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