ATP is not clearly expressed on Djokovic case and supports vaccination against COVID-19

Protests in favor of the position of tennis player Novak Djokovic in his native Serbia.

Protests in favor of the position of tennis player Novak Djokovic in his native Serbia.


New episode in the case of the tennis player Novak Djokovic. On this occasion, it was the Professional Tennis Association (ATP) that has made a statement in this regard.

Through a statement, the governing organization of world tennis indicated that the events that occurred in Australia, where the number one of the discipline could enter between controversy -and even the Justice in between- to be able to participate in the Open that will be held there, have been damaging “on all fronts”.

In the text, conservative and that could not be interpreted in terms of any specific position, the ATP assures that there was a misunderstanding and lack of communication regarding the imposed rules by the Australian health authorities.

“The ATP fully understands the sacrifices made by the people of Australia and the immigration policies imposed since the onset of the pandemic. However, the complications a player experienced upon arrival underscore the need for a clearer understanding, communication and enforcement of the rules. “


Australia is just one of the nations in the world where the strictest lockdowns or quarantines have been appliedThat is why the ATP emphasizes understanding the Australian government in being severe with its immigration policies, as well as the rules when granting visas, but it does call for an improvement in terms of communications to avoid future incidents with athletes.

The entity also noted that the medical exemption that “Nole” processed was done outside the organization, but there are contacts with the Australian Tennis Federation with the aim of “seeking clarity in the process.”

Apart from the Djokovic case, ATP supports vaccination against COVID-19

In the same statement, ATP highlighted its firm stance in favor of vaccination against the dangerous virus COVID-19, which has currently developed a new variant (omicron) that has caused a new wave of infections in different parts of the world

“ATP continues to strongly recommend vaccination of all players on the circuit, which we believe is essential for our sport in times of pandemic. This is based on scientific evidence and has health benefits “

Despite this position, they did not make a clear allusion about the ambiguity expressed by Djokovic about whether he is vaccinated against the coronavirus, something that is presumably believed not to be the case.


Novak Djokovic’s family denounces the “torture” suffered by the tennis player

Djokovic’s wife left her message: “The only law that we should respect at all borders is love and respect”

“This is the fight for the freedom of the world, it is not just the fight for Novak”, the supportive words of Novak Djokovic’s father


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