Auto tuning: benefits and dangers of modifying the height of your car

Before any car goes on sale, it is studied, analyzed and tested to offer the specifications it has. That is, manufacturers design and produce cars to provide the best possible performance.

However, not all owners are happy with the design and height of the vehicles. many owners decide to modify their cars to make them taller or shortereverything depends on the taste of each person.

Modify lThe suspension of any car can be very tempting, because this modification can greatly improve the aesthetics of the vehicle. However, you can compromise the performance of your car.

Therefore, here we tell you some of the benefits and dangers of modifying the height of your car.

scramble the car

Shrinking the car is practically modifying the suspension to lower its height. However, with this modification you can alter all the work and balance that the suspension provides for ensure vehicle safety and performance.

This can lead to unpleasant driving, reduced traction and braking effectiveness, faster suspension wear, and higher costs to repair your suspension. All this without counting that you will have to be more careful when driving, especially on streets that have potholes, bumps and speed bumps.

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There are several ways to lower the height of your car, here we tell you some with their benefits and dangers.

1.- Coilover kit


鈥 Improve handling
鈥 Reduces body roll
鈥 Allow to adjust the stiffness


-High cost
-Reduced height when crossing curbs and reducers speed

2.- Lower springs


-Low cost
-Reduces body roll


鈥 Springs are generally not adapted to work with stock shock absorbers.
鈥 Installation requires a spring compressor
鈥 A reduced driving speed when crossing curbs and speed bumps
鈥 It is not possible to alter the rigidity

3.- Cut the springs


鈥 There is no benefit


鈥 Unless the springs are cut accurately, they can behave erratically and cause a loss of control
鈥 Cut springs also generally offer worse handling than with Lower springs.
鈥 It is not recommended to cut the springs

Raise the height of your vehicle

By altering the elevation of the car you are modifying the original design, which leads us to alter the factory features, which are designed and programmed to provide safety to the car.

Raising the distance between the ground and the bodywork increases the chances of overturning by approximately 30%, as if that were not enough, with the modifications to the suspension that reduce the braking capacity of the car in question, it will be reduced by 25%.

Pickup with raised suspension
Pickup with raised suspension / Photo: Shutterstock.

Here we tell you some of the benefits and dangers of raising the height of your car.


1.- Personalized aspect

The added height definitely draws attention and makes your vehicle stand out from the crowd.

2.- Overcome obstacles easily

It can handle potholes, curbs, speed bumps, and railroad tracks with no problem. There are many roads that are not in the best condition, but if your vehicle is raised, you can easily absorb the irregularities of the road.

3.- Greater towing capacity

If you need towing, a raised pickup is much better than a standard height truck.

If you have a boat or a trailer, jacking up your truck can be the advantage you need. Towing heavier loads with stock suspension can cause your truck to lean, making it more likely to bottom out with a heavy load.

4.- Better view

With a raised vehicle, you鈥檒l have a better view of the road ahead, an increased ability to avoid potential danger, and see oncoming traffic problems.

Any problem on the road is easier to see in a taller truck. It also allows you to draw the attention of other drivers, which helps prevent accidents.


1.- Higher center of gravity

Jacking up a vehicle raises the center of gravity and if you are not an experienced driver this could affect handling, such as in tight turns and can increase the chance of rolling over.

2.- Guarantees canceled

Some manufacturers do not guarantee a vehicle with modified suspension. So check with your dealer to see if it will affect your warranty.

3.- High costs

Most drivers add large off-road tires when lifting their vehicles and you may want to consider upgrading other mechanical components with stronger replacement parts to compensate for the added stress the lift puts on.

4.- They need more modifications

When raising your car there may be some additional minor modifications required by law regarding bumpers, lights and legal labels.

5.- Low gas mileage

With larger tires you get more power, but fuel consumption will be higher than stock.


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