Azur Lane is sanctioned by Twitter/X due to a very revealing skin

Azur Lane is sanctioned by Twitter/X due to a very revealing skin

Since 2017, Azur Lane has dominated the mobile gaming market with many “waifus” which you can obtain through gacha mechanics. That is why its developers, Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi They know very well how to appeal to their audience, with the constant release of new characters and quite revealing skins. However, the latter just got them into trouble on the platform Twitter/X.

Why did Twitter/X just censor Azur Lane?

Cheshire Skin Censored By Twitter/XCheshire Skin Censored By Twitter/X

A few days ago, the official Twitter/X account of Azur Lane published this image of the character’s new skin Cheshire. However, everyone noticed something very strange: It was completely censored. The text of the tweet has an explanation, as it says: «On behalf of the Twitter/X management policy team, we have received a request to “restrict the content of the expression” regarding some of the official posts with images of the game. Therefore, the following tweets may be deleted in the near future. Rest assured, game productions and illustrations are not regulated«.

Basically, the Azur Lane team confirmed that they were forced to delete and censor some tweets with risqué images, but that, at the very least, none of these illustrations or skins will be censored within the game. This news was very poorly received by fans, who immediately pointed out their frustration towards the Twitter/X team that took this measure, since this social network has always boasted of being more permissive towards adult content. Added to that, Elon Musk promised that there would be fewer regulations for publishing when it acquired Twitter/X in 2022, so it’s completely understandable that fans of the popular game feel this sanction is somewhat unfair.

Prinz Adalbert Skin Reveal In Azur LanePrinz Adalbert Skin Reveal In Azur Lane

It is not the first time that the developers of Azur Lane have been criticized for their use of risque skins, as there have gradually been more and more scantily clad characters in this popular video game. Although it is logical that this type of content will drive some people away from the game, at the end of the day this is the main advertising method that Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi use to attract their most loyal audience, the fans of their “waifus”. That’s why Twitter/X’s recent censorship is a huge blow to these developers of Chinese origin.

Many Azur Lane fans have commented on it, both on Twitter/X and on specialized sites such as Otakomu. There we can find interesting comments, such as: “The final boss is also X, so the theory of the final boss operated by X is becoming stronger”, «Even though censorship is strong, it still looks good», “Don’t forgive Elon Musk” and “Mr. Elon, first regulate bot accounts with adult content from China ». This last comment refers to the countless bots with adult content that have been plaguing the platform for months.

What do you think of this controversy? Do you think Azur Lane should have been censored by Twitter/X?

Cheshire Banner in Azur LaneCheshire Banner in Azur Lane

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