Bad Bunny announces his trailer on Airbnb and anyone can rent it if they are in Miami

Bad Bunny puts his trailer up for rent on AirBnb.

Bad Bunny puts his trailer up for rent on AirBnb.

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during his World鈥檚 Hottest Tour 2022the world superstar Bad Bunny announced his trailer on Airbnb and now 鈥淗ost鈥, as the app calls people who rent their properties. the iconic black trailer 16 meter matte can be rented by anyone who is willing to pay for it to spend the nightafter his last concert with which he will close his tour in the city of Miami.

Video by Hogwash Studios and Childe.

Of course, the rent of the trailer of reggaeton Bad Bunny includes not only the stay that must be made in the app or the website of airbnbbut also two tickets to enjoy the last presentation of the 鈥The Last World Tour 2022.

Inspired by the colorful and avant-garde style of bad bunny, this trailer will immerse visitors in its vibrant world for the best tour experience. With a career that masterfully defies cultural norms and amasses more than 9.1 billion views on SpotifyPuerto Rican singer-songwriter and actor Bad Bunny continues to make history with his most recent venture as Airbnb host.

Interior space of the Bad Bunny trailer.
Interior space of the Bad Bunny trailer. Photo: Christian Torres.

After staying in several airbnb last year, the artist who has repeatedly topped the charts, is becoming Airbnb host for the first time, inviting his fans to rent his trailer spend a night aboard his large matte black trailer after the last stop on his tour The Last World Tour 2022 in Miami.

鈥淏eing on tour has reconnected me with my fans and the energy they give me during every show in every city we visit is incredible,鈥 said the bad bunny. 鈥淚 hope that by hosting them in my trailer I can give them the opportunity to feel like they are on tour with me. This trailer (trailer) has played such an important role in the concept of my tour and my latest album, that I want to share this unique experience with them.鈥

Bad Bunny in the bedroom of the trailer he rents on Airbnb.
Bad Bunny in the bedroom of the trailer he rents on Airbnb. Photo: Eric Rojas.

The trailer designed by West Coast Customs with chrome flames, grille, custom lights and all leather interiors, it鈥檚 inspired by the starring role trailers have played in the hit musical bad bunnywhich includes one on the cover of their latest album and another that takes center stage during the opening sequence at their tour shows.

The trailer will offer an inside look at a deeply personal space of the artist, inspired by some of his most popular music videos, including a bedroom decorated with floral motifs such as 鈥I Dog Alone鈥 and other spaces with winks to 鈥Last night鈥檚 night鈥 and 鈥if i see you momto鈥.

Bad Bunny will open the doors of his great trailer for three individual overnight stays: April 6, 7 and 8 for two guests, each at $91 per night. A nod to his record of 9.1 billion views on Spotify throughout 2021. Guests will have the opportunity of a lifetime to experience a space that explores the past, present and future of bad bunnyboth on and off stage.

The payment also includes VIP tickets for your presentation in Miami (travel and accommodation not included) and a virtual greeting from bad bunny upon arrival. A taste of Benito鈥檚 Puerto Rican culture and family roots, including a kitchen designed to make you feel like you鈥檙e on the island of enchantment. A photo session with the trailer to live out superstar fantasies. A tour of the favorite places of Bad Bunny in Miami.

Unfortunately, bad bunny he will not be able to greet guests in person, but upon arrival, you will have a virtual greeting recorded by him. To honor the Puerto Rican community, airbnb will make a one-time donation to the Good Bunny Foundationwhich works to improve the quality of life of Puerto Rican youth through support for youth sports and artistic initiatives.

Those who wish to stay in the impressive trailer of bad bunny Please note that, for this stay, you are required to follow applicable local, state, and federal rules and guidelines. As well as the COVID-19 safety practices of airbnb.

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