Bad luck! “Checo” Pérez is left without a podium due to engine failure on the last lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix

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Sergio Perez did not achieve today’s goal Bahrain Grand Prix and was left without a podium due to an engine failure in his car shortly before reaching the finish line.

the mexican pilot started this Sunday’s race in fourth position and his goal of improving it almost came true, since despite losing two places during its development he managed to overcome and even came to be in third, but uAn unfortunate action in a corner on the last lap saw him out.

I lost the engine. The rear wheels were braked and there was nothing to do. It seems that it was something similar to what happened to Max. We were in the fight, putting pressure on the Ferraris and that is why it is difficult to digest this result, we had the podium in our pocket“, Sergio Pérez explained once the race was over.

It was definitely not a good day for Red Bull Racingsince two laps earlier, the Mexican’s teammate, Max Verstappen, also had to retire.

This was taken advantage of by the Ferrari team, which once again climbed to the top of the podium in the race that marked the start of the 2022 Formula 1 season.

Charles Leclerc dominated the circuit from start to finish and nothing prevented him from taking the victory, although most of the competition, the current world champion, Verstappen, put a lot of pressure on him, but it was not enough and the Montecarlo passed the test and got the double podium for his team, with his teammate Carlos Sainz Jr.

The podium was completed by Lewis Hamilton, from Mercedes Benz; while Pérez finished in 18th place and Verstappen in 19th, just above Pierre Gasly of Alpha Taury, whose car caught fire in an impressive way, causing the first safety car of the season. Fortunately the Frenchman was unharmed.

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