Barristas del América offer their services to generate disturbances at events and rallies, according to an investigation by the Mexican Police

Club América also banned from the Azteca Stadium the bars that encouraged the team there on weekends.

Club América also banned from the Azteca Stadium the bars that encouraged the team there on weekends.

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The Mexican soccer problem regarding the violence caused by the bars or the “animation groups” could evolve and become a social problem.

Investigations carried out by the security forces in the capital of Mexico City indicate that the clubs -or members of them- of the Águilas del América have been provided for vandalizing services at political events and rallies.

The Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) has already identified several azulcrema barristas, specifically from the groups “La Monumental, El Disturbio y el Ritual del Kaos” who have made an appearance at various events with the aim of sabotaging them and then making a payment.

The information was revealed by the magazine Process at work “The brave bars of America and Pumas, shock forces for the highest bidder”.

The media reveals that these antisocials provide their services to groups with dark interests under prices that range from 100 thousand and half a million pesos (between $5,000 and $25,000). Everything will depend on the number of members that the person or group wants to hire for the service.

The capital police manage a folder that they have called “Estadio Seguro” and that contains all the bars linked to América that must follow and prevent their entry to the Azteca Stadium; in their investigation they also handle names and future actions are expected to prevent outbreaks of violenceeither in Liga MX or in DF.

The police forces have identified two people with the aliases ‘El Congo’ (who leads the La Monumental group) and ‘El Erick’ (in charge of El Ritual del Kaos), the latter character has a criminal record for qualified robbery and was even in prison in 2005. He is free and probably attended the last game that the Eagles beat Toluca 3×0.

For the moment, Club América has not expressed itself regarding this information.

Liga MX and the bars

After the unfortunate and tragic acts of violence that occurred at the La Corregidora Stadium in Querétaro on March 5, 2022, the owners of the Liga MX clubs agreed together with the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) to veto all football clubs. teams in the stadiums and apply a special system to register the people who enter the soccer fields to watch the matches.

In addition to that, harsh sanctions were applied against the Gallos Blancos de Querétaro club, such as the disqualification of its owners, not being able to play at home in La Corregidora and the mandatory sale.

The measure was not well received by analysts and fans in general who expected a severe sanction that included disassociation from the club.

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