Belinda affirms that humility is the best quality in a man

Belinda affirms that humility is the best quality in a man

The Mexican singer Belinda talked about her tastes and pleasures, while pointing out the attributes of a potential partner,

During the interview with El Universal de México, they asked him about the deadly sins he has incurred, including gluttony and envy.

“Personality, intelligence, humility, simplicity, that it makes me laugh and that it is a good person, is the most important thing and that gives me all the lust in the world,” said the interpreter.

«When I see a woman with a grandmother, I am envious that I want one because I no longer have grandmothers and I miss them. If you have one and you are aware and she gives you a lot of love, I will envy you. My best Christmas was the last one I spent with my granny, three years ago,” she mentioned.

Clear on your likes and dislikes

Likewise, he pointed out that he has a strong character, so anger is something with which he identifies. “Injustices, lies, mistreatment of animals, people, old people, robberies, many things make me angry, but there are also others that make me just as happy.”

“I love all white chocolate, I like pasta, everything that has to do with risotto, with truffle I like it a lot, McDonald’s hamburgers fascinate me, I already have my Beliburguer, I like everything”. However, she is not sympathetic to any type of fish.

For her part, Belinda enjoys one of the darkest genres in cinema, she likes to watch movies to lighten her workload. «I like horror movies, we just saw ‘Terrifier’, which is a gore-style film, which I don’t recommend if you don’t like blood or heads rolling or those things, it’s very strong, but I love it, it’s of a killer clown.”

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