Belinda clarifies if she has a new relationship with a tycoon

Belinda clarifies if she has a new relationship with a tycoon

Belinda doesn’t want to air her love life anymore, preferring to keep it low profile. And she says it just when rumors about her alleged relationship with businessman Gonzalo Hevia arise.

The singer finally faced the assumptions and revealed how her little heart is, confirming that she has many friends. “I have many friends, in fact, also Rasex, who is the one who does my hair, he is my friend, who is here, just take him so they do not think that he is my boyfriend,” she said in “Windowing.”

The Mexican woman hinted that her sighs could not have an owner, and confirmed that, contrary to the relationship she lived with the singer Christian Nodal, her private life from now on will keep her away from the spotlight.

«They always associate me with men, with anyone who hugs me, who has friends… At this moment in my personal life, I keep it much further away from my public life and I prefer to keep it that way, and I think it’s the best, the best. healthier and mental and emotional health is basic, and at this moment I am very well like this, “he said.

Beli took the opportunity to confess that she had psychological problems after the death of her maternal grandmother Juana Moreno, with whom the singer was very close. She added that she sought professional help to deal with her absence and her anxiety attacks.

«Nobody is 100 percent well, we all go through moments, in stages, but with the help of loved ones, also with stages, one can always get ahead. The important thing is that you are aware that you have a problem or that you feel bad, or that something is happening in you so that you seek help,” Belinda finally said.

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