Bellakath fights with Yeri Mua and calls her ‘mustia’ – 24 Horas

Bellakath fights with Yeri Mua and calls her ‘mustia’ – 24 Horas

In the midst of disqualifications, hints, conversations and more, Bellakath and Yeri Mua They had a strong fight through their social networks. The reggaeton singers made direct comments one against the other regarding issues that happened in their environment.

According to the information, the fight between both singers would have arisen after Yeri Mua supposedly shot the ‘queen of kittyponeo’ in a song about her cosmetic surgeries.

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After that, the former “Enamortamos” participant sent a message on her broadcast channel where she mentioned being “grateful that I don’t look like a crushed grasshopper when I dance style flow” after another publication on the Veracruzana’s Instagram.

After that, Bellakath made several posts on her X account mentioning that she was only defending herself from Yeri’s attacks and revealed that she had had a conversation with her regarding the subject of the song. and then label it as “mustia”.

After several hints, the “Gatita” interpreter published several WhatsApp screenshots of conversations she had with Yeri Mua regarding various topics, That was when the “Chupón” singer decided to respond to publications.

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“Katherine, stop messing around, you fight ALONE. You’re number 1, you’re good at what you do, you keep dropping hintsRelax for a while mija, what a bear that you discount the Mexa reggaeton that you defend so much to pure fights of old women from the market, what a bear,” said Yeri Mua on his X account.

This fight occurred amid rumors about an alleged collaboration between both artists, as well as a few days away from the new song between Yeri Mua and Kenia Os. So far, both Yeri and Bellakath have not spoken again about this fight on their respective social networks.


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