Ben Affleck and JLo reappear together amid divorce rumors: do they have a fix?

Ben Affleck and JLo reappear together amid divorce rumors: do they have a fix?


Even in the face of strong rumors of separation between J.Lo and Ben Affleckmany fans of the ‘Bennifer’ phenomenon hope that everything is a misunderstanding. Now, in recent days he highlighted that the couple was living in separate houses and that they no longer intended to accompany each other to their respective events; However, a possible reconciliation between the acclaimed couple recently took place.

Did J.Lo and Ben Affleck deny their possible divorce?

Although the couple has not spoken openly about their alleged marital problems, many close sources have said that there are conflicts involved. Of course, that does not mean a separation imminent, and apparently, the couple would be working to rescue their love.

This has been demonstrated by a recent report that stated that J.Lo and Ben Affleck They had spent the weekend together in the exclusive Brentwood neighborhood in Los Angeles, having one of their residences in the area as their ‘love nest’.

And since the paparazzi never rest, it was just this weekend of May 17, when the two were seen together and smiling walking through Brentwood. He highlighted in the images, that J.Lo He even carried many flowers while looking better. In this sense, many Internet users assured that it was highly probable that the singer behind ‘My Love Don’t Cost a Thing’ received the flowers as a gift from Ben.

To the surprise of many, the flowers were for ‘another important girl in Ben’s life:’ a source revealed to TMZ that both J.Lo and Ben Affleckthey went together to a school event for Seraphina, the daughter Affleck had with Jennifer Garner. Emme (daughter of J.Lo and Marc Anthony) and Samuel (the other son of Ben Affleck.) Thus, the flowers that J.Lo carried while being seen in Brentwood, were actually intended for the daughter of Ben Affleckprobably as a congratulatory gesture.

Now, in a matter of separation or divorce, the last word has not yet been said: the couple’s friends know that they are both living separately, but they have not yet taken this as a forceful breakup. Initially, it was said that J.Lo She was too absorbed in her work, and that made her tired. Ben Affleck. Therefore, it is very likely that they are taking time to reflect on their priorities.

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