Ben Affleck wore his wedding ring again after divorce rumors with Jennifer Lopez – El Diario NY

Ben Affleck wore his wedding ring again after divorce rumors with Jennifer Lopez – El Diario NY

The actor Ben Affleck would be trying to dispel rumors about his separation from Jennifer Lopez being caught this weekend using, againhis wedding ring.

The actor and film producer was photographed by the paparazzi while driving his car on the streets of Beverly Hills, California, where they noticed that Affleck he put his ring back on silver on his left hand after appearing without it a few days ago.

According to reports from the TMZ portal, the couple made up of Ben and Jennifer are on the move, after it emerged that both they had stopped living together since last May 11, in the midst of the Mother’s Day celebrations in the United States.

The media reported that, until Saturday, May 18, the ‘Batman’ singer was leaving his residence without wearing the jewel, a symbol of his union with López, which increased speculation about their separation. However, 24 hours after that, the actor showed that the wedding ring is back.

This weekend, Ben Affleck was reunited with his ex-partner, Jennifer Garnerdue to some events that involved their children, according to Daily Mail. Regarding these meetings, TMZ said that the ’13 Going on 30′ actress has always been a support in Ben’s life, so she would also be helping him deal with with a possible marital crisis.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.
Credit: Evan Agostini | AP

Why would Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez get divorced?

The frictions between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopezaccording to a source consulted by the media In Touch, they would have started due to the way in which both “cope” with media attention. And while the interpreter of “On The Floor” usually “embraces” media attention and turns it to their advantage, Affleck He seems to shy away from her.

Another reason would be that the relationship between the actor and the singer has not been entirely “beneficial” for the one born in The Bronxbecause, according to a large number of experts and critics, their relationship, the main point of their recent album, was the main reason for its failure.

The singer’s former publicist, Rob Shuterrevealed, in a previous interview, that the relationship between his former client and Affleck It is “boring” and “gray” for the majority of the public.

Likewise, and according to other sources, the actor would have become extremely upset with his still wife after she became the target of ridicule for her New appearancewhich he would have surgically modified on the recommendation of López.

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