Benny Ibarra speaks for the first time about Sasha Sokol’s accusations to his uncle, Luis de Llano

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The denunciations of the Timbiriche singer, Sasha Sokol, about the famous television producer, Luis de Llano, brought with them various reactions, as is the case with your friend, Benny Ibarrawho is also the nephew of the music producer, who spoke about this delicate situation and what it has meant for his family.

The interpreter and actor broke the silence during an interview he gave to the Hoy program, where he attended as a guest to promote his most recent presentations, place where he was questioned about this situation.

Benny took the opportunity to highlight that it has been extremely difficult for him to assimilate this information and give an opinion on it.since for him both Sasha and de Llano are very important people in their lives, and he considers them both family.

鈥淚t is a very delicate issue that has generated a lot of pain in the family. Obviously also in Sasha鈥檚 family too. She is my family, she is my sister and Luis is a man whom I love very much. It鈥檚 hard for me to talk about it because of the pain, it鈥檚 hard for me.鈥


Ibarra also pointed out that he has preferred to speak in private with both parties.since any statement he can give would unleash great controversy and he does not want to lend himself to that: 鈥淚f it were really a discussion, that we could sit down and talk about it鈥 but the people who are out there end up using it as a cannonball.鈥

Ibarra stressed that his way of seeing things has changed over time and the circumstances, but preferred not to go into details: 鈥淚t鈥檚 hard to judge, right? Especially in this time when we are all tremendous vigilantes on social networks. What happened 40 years ago, my posture when I was 14鈥 it鈥檚 obvious that as a dad it鈥檚 a very sensitive issue.鈥.

Finally, the interpreter of 鈥淚nspiraci贸n鈥 reflected on the importance of family communication and recognized the value that women have to face similar situations: 鈥淲e have to be very much on top of our children鈥檚 education, it is beautiful that today鈥檚 girls are much more aware of what they are going through and how to take care of themselves, it is very delicate.鈥

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