Biden to Invoke Defense Production Act to Accelerate EV Battery Production

President Joe Biden will invoke the Defense Production Law for promote the production of materials necessary for the construction of electric vehiclesannounced the White House. But that is not all. Biden also authorized the release of a portion of the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help alleviate prices at the gas pump.

Tesla super charging
Tesla electric cars. / Photo: Courtesy Tesla.

Biden will boost the production of EV鈥檚

The DPA was signed into law by President harry truman during the Korean War to allow the US government to set priorities for the production of goods and materials, ostensibly for national security. Invoking it gives the Biden administration more authority to push its electric vehicle adoption agenda without Congress getting in the way.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
Electric cars have been shown to have great advantages over internal combustion cars, one of them being performance. / Photo: Getty Images.

鈥淪pecifically, the DPA will be authorized to support the production and processing of minerals and materials used for high-capacity batteries, such as lithium, nickel, cobalt, graphite and manganeseand the Department of Defense will implement this authority using strong environmental, labor, community, and tribal consultation standards,鈥 the White House said. 鈥淭he President is also reviewing possible additional uses for DPA, in addition to minerals and materials, to ensure safer, cleaner and more resilient energy for America.鈥

A watershed for the acceleration towards electrification

The DPA is the next big step in the Biden administration鈥檚 electric vehicle agendaand could make a significant difference in determining how quickly the transition away from fossil fuel-powered vehicles occurs. The administration has already committed to spending $5 billion on a new national electric vehicle charging network, and Biden has also said that most of the federal vehicle fleet will go electric sooner rather than later.

Kia EV6
Kia EV6 2022. / Photo: Courtesy Kia.

In addition to reducing US greenhouse gas emissions, all of these things will have the added benefit of reducing our dependence on foreign countries for energy, which would be a national security benefit.


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