“Billy” Álvarez reappears with controversial message denouncing problems at a Cruz Azul plant – La Opinión

“Billy” Álvarez reappears with controversial message denouncing problems at a Cruz Azul plant – La Opinión

It seems that the fate of Cruz Azul in the duels against América is marked in a tragic way, since on the eve of the duel of the grand final of the Clausura 2024 tournament, the former president of the Maquina Celeste, Guillermo Álvarez Cuevas, reappeared with a controversial message on his official X account. better known as “Billy” Álvarez, denouncing internal problems that afflict the workers of the Jasso cement plant, Hidalgo.

But instead of having said message posted through a video on his X account with direct dedication to the commentators David Faitelson from TUDN, José Ramón Fernández and Jorge Pietrasanta from ESPN as well as the TUDN and TV Azteca networks, it has not gone down well with Cruz Azul fans who consider it a factor in destabilizing the attention of the players. in the hours before the final against América and generate controversy against the current high command of the team led by engineer Víctor Velázquez.

In the video, the controversial former celestial president exalted the serious problems that the workers at the Jasso plant, Hidalgo, are going through. regarding their salaries and benefits, especially since their production has been stopped for a long time

“I address the entire Cruzazulina community, I want to address those who are particularly in Hidalgo, I thank them for their support and solidarity because they have had to face many problems in their benefits, remuneration and the operation itself, but with great spirit and spirit of collaboration they have sustained.

I send you this message with a spirit of support and see the true purpose that Cruz Azul has to continue for many years, but always respecting individuals and letting each person know that they are recognized,” he commented.

But the appearance of the leader, instead of uniting or generating empathy among the followers of the “Celestial Machine”, has been taken as a warning of bad luck and distraction for the team that will seek to get rid of the yoke of América in the last two finals in which they were defeated in the 2013 Clausura tournament and in the 2018 Apertura tournament.

“You want to destabilize the team to favor America”; Not right now, Lic, tomorrow we will embroider the other star on the shield and Mr. Velázquez will have already done more in 4 years than you have done in 30 or so”; “Old man, don’t come trying to destabilize”; “How strange that it appears a day before the Final,” were several of the comments that have been published by the followers of the Machine who see how their presence can be a bird of bad omen in such an important commitment.

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The former president of Cruz Azul “Billy” Álvarez has been strongly criticized by the fans of the Celeste Machine for publishing a controversial message on the eve of the grand final vs. America. Photo:Luis Licona/Imago7.

Other reactions that were not long in coming in the controversial manager’s X account state the following: “Not right now daddy, we are playing in the final. He had six months to appear again and he just decided to do so one day before the final. Old cynic, go alv. Not right now, boss, it’s the day before the final and he’s probably doing it to destabilize. I know that deep down he wants the team to lose like in his times”, among many more who have questioned this message of a labor conflict that has not been resolved for many months.

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