Bored! The National Classic between Chivas and America left too much cordiality and showed the irregularity of both teams

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expectations for the National Classic were not fully fulfilled for the public present at the Akron Stadium, with a Chivas and America who staged a goalless draw, with excess of peace and that sometimes bored the fans.

The teams entered the pitch mixed in line to send a message that the rivalry is only on the pitch. Along with a message of 鈥United We Are Stronger鈥淭he respective photo was taken before the match began, along with several people wearing white shirts as a symbol of peace.

The cordiality was maintained in the first half. A game without much brilliance and with few dangerous plays, ended up marking the first 45 minutes of the match, although Chivas de Guadalajara had a couple of plays that worried the goalkeeper Memo Ochoa.

Chivas had the first clear of the match. An attack play by the herd found the defender in the attack zone and inside the area Hiram Wedwho received a pass to define in a great way and place the first of the commitment, but the main referee annulled the goal for clearly offside by the rojiblanco player.

After the disallowed goal, Alexis Vega He had his turn in front of goal. His long-distance shot ended up bouncing off the post, leaving sighs and applause from the stadium attendees.

The Eagles were not far behind. Federico Vinas he had a great shot from long distance that ended up being stopped by the goalkeeper Miguel Jimenez. Just a couple of minutes later he showed up Roger Martinez to let them know they were present at the Akron.

The alarms went off after the injury of louis olivesproducing the end of the first half and causing the substitution of the player for Antonio Briseno.

The cordiality ended in the second half. a kick of Jonathan dos Santos in the crescent of the area to the player Sebastian Perez, ended up causing the America midfielder to be expelled for a double yellow card.

The embrace of peace arrived at minute 62 鈥

At minute 62鈥 of the match, the actions stopped after the embrace of the Chivas and 脕guilas players in the central circle. A hug that was accompanied by applause and the lights of cell phones in the stands of Akron Stadium. At times, the main referee and the rest of the players were seen exchanging words while hugging each other and in the technical area, the coaches and substitutes exchanged hugs.

This event was planned by the MX Leagueto remember the events of last Saturday, March 5, at the La Corregidora Stadium, after the acts of violence between the fans of Gallos Blancos and Atlas FC.

Chivas maintains the irregularity and America is still in the pit

The result showed a reality that few like to accept. A sad, gray and emotionless classic, left the Chivas from Guadalajara with an image of many doubts and with a Marcelo Michel Leano without the possibility of taking advantage of the opponent鈥檚 bad moment and without a game idea.

The Eagles of America they did not take flight. They remain in the bottom of the table and missed an opportunity to get out of the bottom positions, leaving for the next game against Tolucaon the next day 11.

The Chivas from Guadalajara remain in the ninth position of the table and will have to face in the Jalisco Stadium the Atlas FC, in another edition of Classic Tapationext Sunday, March 20.

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