Brazil has the first death from Ómicron; the first in Latin America

Brazil already has more than 619,000 fatalities during the pandemic, according to official data.

Brazil already has more than 619,000 fatalities during the pandemic, according to official data.

Photo: OMAR HAJ KADOUR / AFP / Getty Images

A 68-year-old man in the Aparecida de Goiania municipality, Brazil, became the first fatal victim by Ómicron in the country and possibly throughout Latin America.

According to official sources, the old man, a resident of the center of the country, died despite having the three doses of the vaccine, which were not enough to defeat the new variant of COVID-19.

“We lost a vaccinated patient who had chronic health problems, which are major risk factors for COVID. Unfortunately, he did not resist. One life lost among thousands saved by immunization, ”said the municipality’s health secretary, Alessandro Magalhaes.

Officially it would be the first victim of the new variant of the coronavirus in Latin America, as so far no other country has reported data on deaths from Omicron.

According to the local health authorities, to date there are already 55 cases of Ómicron reported in Aparecida de Goiania, where transmission by this variant is already recognized as community.

This news comes just one day after the announcement in Rio de Janeiro and other Brazilian cities, where Carnival was suspended for the second year, due to the threat of Ómicron.

In his latest report, Brazil recorded 35,826 new infections this Thursday, with an increase of 248% compared to those notified a week ago, on the eve of the new year, at a time when transmission through the Omicron variant is multiplying rapidly in the country.

Total, Brazil already accumulates 22,386,930 from confirmed cases since the coronavirus pandemic reached the country, in February 2020 and a total of 619,641 fatalities after the notification of 128 deaths this Thursday.

Brazil is the second country with the highest number of deaths from the virus, after the United States, and the third in number of positives, behind the North American country and India.

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