British artist painted portrait of Vladimir Putin with the excrement of his dog

Artista britanico retrato popo putin

A British artist found a good way to use the poo of his dog and was nothing less than making a portrait of President Vladimir Putin. The painting that he put up for sale has had an excellent acceptance, so all the proceeds will be donated to the Ukrainian refugees.

鈥淚t鈥檚 a pretty immature idea,鈥 was what Dominic Murphy commented when he began to paint the Russian president鈥檚 canvas with the feces of his dog Sybil. However the artwork has received great offers from people who applaud his work.

Murphy noted that it occurred to him to paint Putin with the excrement, after a moment of anger, following Russia鈥檚 military invasion of Ukraine: 鈥淚 started (to paint it) really out of anger. I thought 鈥榟ow can I get my frustration out of this?鈥欌

The artist who usually paints portraits of Alice in Wonderland, assured that the idea worked, since the proceeds from sales of the portrait and prints will be donated to Ukrainian refugees.

The canvas was painted with the poop that He mixed it with clay and varnished it many times so that the smell would disappear.

Dominic Murphy of Welwyn Garden City and has been painting for over 20 years, noted that this type of art is not common in him, however, he felt that in this way he was doing something after the military invasion.

鈥淚 didn鈥檛 want to do anything insignificant like the pigeons, wanted to do something to insult Putin and still raise money for Ukraine,鈥 he told the Welwyn Hatfield Times.

The painting is sold through an internet page which bears the title of the artwork, 鈥淧oo-tin麓sa S***鈥 . Through social networks, users have applauded the idea that she had, especially that the money is destined for Ukraine.

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