British government will now seek to sanction Manchester City: Its owner has links to Vladimir Putin

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The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to splash England football after learning of a meeting of the owner of the Manchester City and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyanwith the president of Syria Bassar al-Asaadally of Vladimir Putin.

The British government and that of the United States assured that the meeting with Russia鈥檚 allies does not contribute to peace, in addition, the Sheikh Mansour has been criticized for having a good relationship with the Syrian president who is accused of crimes against humanity in the Syrian Civil War.

The Labor Party condemns the owner of Manchester City

Chris Bryantdeputy of the House of Commons, together with his fellow members of the Labor Partythe attitudes of Sheikh Mansour, who is considered by them as a person unworthy of owning a team of the PremierLeague.

There has been sustained, barbaric slaughter in Syria, co-led by Assad, and now Putin is waging the same war of aggression against Ukraine. And now there are people who want to meet with them?鈥, assured the deputy in a dialogue with the newspaper The Telegraph. 鈥The UK remains opposed to any normalization of relations with the Syrian regime.鈥he added.

Will the same thing happen to Chelsea?

Although the meetings and his links with allies to Vladimir Putin, the British government has so far criticized the attitude of the owner of Manchester City, however, there is concern about following in the footsteps of the Chelsea who had all their assets frozen and the subsequent sale of the club.

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