Brittney Griner tells how she lived in a Russian prison: “There were spider nests and blood stains” – La Opinion

Brittney Griner tells how she lived in a Russian prison: “There were spider nests and blood stains” – La Opinion


Brittney Griner assured that during her time in prison in Russiawhere she stayed from February to December 2022, after being arrested for drug possession, there were “spider nests” and blood stains on the bed.

The WNBA player told what she experienced in an exclusive interview broadcast this Wednesday by the North American network ABC.

Griner, one of the best players in American women’s basketball, recognized that he completely forgot that he had hash oil cartridges for vaping in his suitcase.

He defined it as “a huge mistake” not taking it out of his luggage when traveling. to Russia, where he was going to compete in the local basketball league.

“I said ‘how could I make this mistake? “I could see all the things he had worked so hard for falling apart and disappearing,” Griner said.

Griner was detained in February 2022 at a Russian airport, when she was going to take a plane, for carrying hashish oil cartridges for vaping, illegal in Russia, and was sentenced to nine years in prison for drug possession and smuggling.

Griner’s defense team argued that the hash oil he had on him had been obtained with a prescription and that he used it “for medical and not recreational purposes.”

After months of negotiations between the American and Russian governments, Griner was exchanged in December 2022 by arms dealer Víctor But, known as the “merchant of death.”

Brittney Griner and her quality of life in prison

“The mattress had a huge blood stain and they give you very thin sheets, so you are practically lying on some bars,” Griner said.

The American also assured that she decided to cut her hair because her dreadlocks were freezing.

“It was something that had to happen. We had spiders on top of my bed making nests. My dreadlocks started to freeze and stayed wet and cold, so I got sick,” Griner said.

The Phoenix Mercury player in the American WNBA also reported that she was given expired toothpaste and that it was used to remove black mold from the walls.

The athlete returned to the courts with the Phoenix Mercury for the 2023 season, although she took a break of three games in the summer to focus on his mental health.

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