Caitlin Clark promises to take women’s basketball to another level: Multimillion-dollar deal with Nike – La Opinion

Caitlin Clark promises to take women’s basketball to another level: Multimillion-dollar deal with Nike – La Opinion

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The rookie phenom of the Indiana Fever in the WNBA, Caitlin Clark, who was the number one choice in the recent league Draft last Monday, is getting closer to closing a mega-lucrative sponsorship deal with the Nike company according to information that was released by The Athletic site. Said agreement would be around eight figures, which would be a historic event for women’s sports in general.

With this agreement, the University of Iowa point guard is expected to have his own personalized and exclusive footwear as part of a deal that would be worth more than $20 million plus potential bonuses. The Under Armor and Adidas brands were also Nike’s main rivals to sign Clark, but it was finally the latter that was chosen by Caitilin.

Clark’s last contract with Nike came to an end once last NCAA season ended, which allowed it to reach the market at the top of the sports world and especially basketball, regardless of gender. Clark was one of the greatest players in the history of the University of Iowa as well as college basketball; she broke records and attracted new fans to college basketball, especially women’s basketball.

Clark is synonymous with broken records

The NCAA championship in the women’s branch set the record for the largest audience in each game where the University of Iowa participated, culminating with a total of 18.9 million viewers in what was the Hawkeyes’ loss for the national championship against the University of South Carolina.

Viewer numbers for the WNBA Draft were quite impressive as were at their highest point in history, setting records with more than four times the number of people waiting for this year’s ceremony (2.4 million) compared to last season, surpassing the previous record for the most. It should also be noted that Caitlin Clark already has sealed sponsorship agreements with brands such as Gatorade, State Farm and Panini.

Possible link to Stephen Curry and his company

Stephen Curry, point guard and shooting guard for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA, launched the Curry Brand on the market as an independent company and different from Under Armour, participated in the companies’ meeting with Clark according to information disseminated by people close to these same brands. Curry Brand signed fellow Sacramento Kings point guard D’Aaron Fox as his first NBA athlete late last year, as well as University of South Carolina guard MiLaysia Fulwiley to a contract for several years, being the first university athlete to associate directly with said company.

Appearance on national television off the field

Clark continues to make a lot of noise and generate much more notoriety and popularity when he had a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live. His jersey was the best-selling for any draft pick on the night of the draft, evidently causing the point guard’s value to continue to increase like crazy.

In his post-draft press conference, Clark said that turning pro It has not had a significant impact on the way he conducts his business off the court and he is basically still the same person before everything he is experiencing today.

“If I’m completely honest, I feel like it doesn’t change much from how I’ve lived my life over the last year,” said. “The sponsorships remain the same. The people around me, agents and others, have been able to help and guide me throughout the last year. “I don’t know if I would be right now if it weren’t for a lot of them.”

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