California launches job vacancy for people who speak Spanish with a salary of $31 per hour

California launches job vacancy for people who speak Spanish with a salary of $31 per hour

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Marriott International launches vacancy dand employment To work in California, the salary offered is 31 dollars per hour. This employment opportunity is aimed at people who speak Spanish, To fill this job position, we are looking for sociable people who have a way with words, a taste for carrying out customer service tasks and who are willing to comply with the quality regulations established by the company.

The position offered is as a spa manager, in the performance of this job, The person hired will be in charge of scheduling and scheduling the spa services on behalf of the guests who request the service, and will also be in charge of confirming the scheduled services. The person interested in the job must know perfectly the spa and beauty salon services to be able to offer them to clients who visit the place.

The person who is hired for this job You will also be in charge of charging for services, as well as keeping a record of tips. You must also keep the site’s accounting records up to date. As manager, you must ensure that quality regulations are met and that employees comply with wearing their uniforms cleanly and neatly. He must always address clients appropriately, maintaining a professional attitude at all times.

Benefits and requirements of this vacancy in California

To apply for this job it is requirement have a secondary education certificate and have work experience of at least 1 year in a similar job related to customer service, is not requirement thave previous work experience as a supervisor. Nor is it required by the employer to have any type of license or certification to be able to apply for this job. It is valued that the interested person masters the language Spanish.

In addition to the salary of 31 dollars per hourthis vacancy employment offers health insurance, retirement benefits, paid time off, paid disability, employee benefits such as discounts. If you meet the requested requirements and the benefits offered seem attractive to you, do not hesitate to apply immediately for this job position in California. To apply for this vacancy directly, click here.

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