Camel killed two men after escaping from Tennessee petting zoo

For the safety of those present at the scene of the events, the camel was sacrificed.

For the safety of those present at the scene of the events, the camel was sacrificed.

Photo: KARIM SAHIB/Getty Images

Two men have died after being attacked by a camel that escaped from a petting zoo in Tennessee.reported the authorities this Thursday.

The Obion County Sheriff鈥檚 Office reported that received multiple calls about a loose camel attacking people near Shirley Farms Petting Zoo.

Authorities found two unconscious victims on the ground when they arrived at the scene.where the camel was still on the loose, Sheriff Karl Jackson said.

In audio obtained by CBS News, a dispatcher is heard reporting 鈥渢wo 911 calls from two people who were brutally attacked by a camel at Shirley Farms鈥.

Agents from different agencies showed up at the scene of the incident and assisted the victims to take them to a safe place.

However, Jackson said the camel attacked the Obion County Sheriff鈥檚 Office patrol car before it drove off toward police who were taking one of the victims to a hospital..

For the safety of the people present at the site they had to sacrifice the camel.

The two men were pronounced deceased at the scene. They were identified as Bobby Matheny, 42, and Tommy Gunn, 67.

For its part, Alan Shirley, owner of Shirley Farms, told CBS News that they were upset and heartbroken by the animal attack. and that they would not comment further on it.

On the other hand, activists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) issued a statement about the incident.

鈥淭his incident is tragic but not surprising. Injuries abound when animals are exploited for entertainment, and PETA urges everyone to avoid seedy roadside attractions as if life depends on it, because it does.鈥said Debbie Metzler, associate director of PETA Foundation Captive Animals Act Compliance.

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