Camila Mendes talked about a new creative experience

Camila Mendes talked about a new creative experience

The actress of “Riverdale” Camila Mendes commented that she ventured into a facet far from acting. The artist served as executive producer of “Music”, a film in which she also stars and which will be the directorial debut of her boyfriend, Rudy Mancuso.

The film is about Brazilian culture, something very close to her, since her entire family is from the country of Rio de Janeiro. During the conversation with Porter, the young woman said that more stories that reside in that culture should be done.

«I couldn’t just be the main actress, let me also be the female voice of the project, I could cry thinking about it, it meant a lot to me, I will never forget that experience and I don’t know when it will touch me again. Even the characters written to be Latino are never Brazilian, always from another country. We have a whole audience here desperate to see themselves represented on screen, why don’t we take more advantage of that?” she pointed out.

Likewise, another topic that came up was his farewell with “Riverdale”, a program with which he made his acting debut as Verónica Lodge and which will culminate with its seventh season, whose premiere is scheduled for the first months of 2023.

«That is where I feel centered and calm, it is like my comfort zone, my safety net. ‘Riverdale’ is where I feel at home, it’s going to be very strange to never have that comfort anymore,” she said.

Likewise, Camila Mendes admitted that she fears that her stardom will decrease after the last installment of the youth show, as this would mean less acting work for her. «I keep busy because I have anxiety about my career, I have always been in the same state of mind. I am aware of how fickle this industry is, fame is fleeting. You can be successful, but you’re only as good as your last project.”

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