Camilo ends with his one, two, three and… four – El Diario NY

Camilo ends with his one, two, three and… four – El Diario NY

Three by three, this is how Camilo decided to share the songs from his latest production, four, which began with the intention of being an EP but which after a lot of inspiration and hard work became a complete album that has just been completed.

Under the labels Sony Music Latin and Hecho a Mano, the Colombian artist produced a total of 12 songs, of which he had already unveiled nine, encapsulating them in musical chapters titled one, two and three. Yesterday he released the last three, “Sálvame”, “Una Canción de Amor para La Pulga” and “La Boda”, to put an end to his fourth studio album.

“The album was like a whole day that lasted six months,” he says, referring to the time it took to create it and the way he produced the album and recorded the 12 videos. “For me it was important to maintain the same aesthetic. “I’m the same person who explored the first three songs as the one who explored all twelve.”

The videos are a kind of sequence, in the same place and with the same costumes, created in his recording studio in Miami, El Taller Creativo, and directed by his wife Evaluna and Saumeth.

“I was curious to jump into this lake of which I don’t know the bottom, to master it,” he said about tropical rhythms./@saumeth

Many of the songs, such as “Una Vida Pasada” alongside Carín León, “No se vale”, and Sálvame, his version of the RBD song with Alexander Abreu and Havana D’Primera, have a very salsa rhythm, very tropical, genres that he wanted to try out.

“I set out to explore what made me curious. I was curious to jump into this lake of which I don’t know the bottom, to master it. Pursue that dream of visiting places that have been so important to me for a long time,” he said, referring to musical styles that marked his childhood and youth in Colombia.

“I always listened to Sonora Matancera, La Fania and La Sonora Ponceña. As I grew older I began to listen to Juan Luis Guerra and Grupo Niche, which was an immense reference all my life, as well as Joe Arroyo, who is a Colombian icon, among many other artists that are part of my DNA,” said the winner of six Latin Grammy.

Camilo also announced that he will begin his international tour “Our Happy Place Tour” on June 8 in Europe, and then reach the main cities of the United States in September, including the first concert of his career at the famous Hollywood Bowl in the city ​​of Los Angeles.

By those dates, he will already be a father of two since his partner, the singer Evaluna, is expecting the couple’s second child. But that won’t stop him.

“We did it with Indigo. When he was born, after 50 days we were going on tour, scared about how things were going to turn out,” he says about his first daughter. “When there is love and desire to do things, you find a way to enjoy it. I think this time it will not be the exception and we will be able to have a fantastic tour, alongside a growing doll.”

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