Can I freely enter the United States if I have my naturalization certificate?

Can I freely enter the United States if I have my naturalization certificate?

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The process of naturalization It is one of the most popular and most desired procedures for foreign citizens who have established themselves legally and permanently in the United States. If your life plan is no longer to return to your country of origin, it may be the best alternative for people. that they meet the necessary requirements to fulfill it and that is that obtaining US citizenship is the goal of many people who travel to the country in search of better opportunities.

In order to carry out the procedure of naturalization, The foreign citizen must complete a long process in order to become a citizen of USAfirst you must enter the country legally through some type of visa, then you must complete the Green Card to become a permanent resident in USA and although the Green Card provides peace of mind regarding your immigration status, you must wait up to 10 years to be able to carry out the naturalization process.

For many people it is worth the wait time and series of formalities that must be carried out until you can apply to become a US citizen and are willing to wait to obtain all the rights and duties of a US citizen by birth, including the possibility of participating in rights and social programs exclusive to citizens of that country. .

Once I have my naturalization certificate, can I use it to travel?

Of course it is possible, in fact, American citizens People over 16 years of age who wish to enter the country’s territory by land or sea must present a document that accredits them as US citizens, in addition to the naturalization certificate, Other documents such as a US passport, trusted traveler card, or driver’s license are completely valid to request access to the country.

On the other hand, if you travel by air and want to enter USA you must present your American passport. Your US passport will be issued to you once you have completed the application process. naturalization and you are considered a North American citizen, to return to the country it will be enough for you to present your passport at the airport so that you can return to the country with your new immigration status.

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