Can they give you an American VISA without having a passport?

Can they give you an American VISA without having a passport?

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If you like visit the United States We know that we are asked for a series of requirements which are essential to be able to legally enter the country such as documents such as the American passport and visa which are the most important, although the visa is much more difficult to obtain, since we must pass the interview with the officer in charge and comply with everything they ask of us.

We know that we both documents are very important to be able to travel and enter the North American country, although many believe that only the us visathe reality is very different and you should know everything you need because there are also other things that are essential for this process of entering the US.

And these documents are essential and key for the US authorities for reasons of security and identity of the individual, in addition to the fact that they are also used to enter other countries and not only the neighboring country. But without a doubt the American visa is mandatory and is issued by the U.S. Embassya process that can take from months to years.


Is a passport necessary to enter the US?

It is very important to take into account that in order to begin your American visa process and obtain it, it is necessary to have your Mexican passport in advance, since it is something that they ask of you and without it, you cannot begin your process, since it is something indispensable.

This is one of the most important requirements to be granted a US visa without any problem, since otherwise they can deny it immediately, since this is your identification in any other country, mainly in the North American country.


The Mexican passport is a document that is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) with which you not only identify, but it is also the official document that indicates that you are Mexican, so you must have both to be able to travel.

So if you are about to do this process at the American embassy or consulate, now you have greater knowledge of what they ask for or what the necessary requirements are to be able to travel and enter the United States legally without having any problems and You can speed up and facilitate your document requests.

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