Canada launches JOBS for Latinos with secondary school with a salary of up to $30 per hour

Canada launches JOBS for Latinos with secondary school with a salary of up to $30 per hour

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Canada It is one of the countries that has become a global target for many people seeking to migrate to other destinations in search of new and better opportunities. Although the government of Canada has also established requirements for foreign citizens to establish themselves in their nation, there are much more flexible procedures unlike other destinations such as USA or some countries in Europe.

The government of Canada has established an official platform through which vacancies verified and authorized by the government, from this database jobs are offered for different profiles, both professionals and for people who are dedicated to some type of trade. On this platform called Job Bank Foreign citizens are requested to have a work visa that allows them to work legally in Canada.

If you’re Latinyou have secondary and you are interested in a job Canada in which you win up to 30 dollars per hour We share some alternatives with different profiles that you can review to see if any of them fit your characteristics. Remember that Canadian employers need to have a visa valid or with a current work permit to be able to apply for any of these jobs.

These are the jobs offered in Canada for Latinos, a salary of $30 per hour is offered

The first job offered is as a landscaper, it is a permanent, full-time job to work 40 hours per week. The employer requires that the person interested in this job can return to work as soon as possible. To apply for this job you need to speak English, have experience in a employment similar. The person hired will be in charge of managing projects related to landscaping.

The second job option is to work as a truck driver, this job is also a square full-time to work 40 hours per week, the person interested in the employment You must have time available to work day, afternoon, night, weekends and very early in the morning. Experience in a similar job is not required, a high school certificate is required, in addition to the salary, a dental plan, vision insurance, paid disability and medical insurance are available.

If these profiles are not to your liking, there is another option at Canada To work as a carpenter, the established work day is 34 to 40 hours per week, for this vacant The interested party is requested to have one year’s experience in a similar job and the worker is required to know how to interpret plans, drawings and sketches to follow the required specifications. In this position you will have other workers under your charge, it is a requirement to speak English and count on high school certificate.

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